How to Play

Live Blackjack

We offer eight deck Live Blackjack with a live dealer and a real Blackjack table, with multiple players.

If you are not familiar with Blackjack, please proceed to the Blackjack Rules page.



  • When you join a Live game table, you are seated automatically. If you want to take a different available seat, wait for the end of the round and then, click Take a Seat below a free seat to occupy it.

  • Multi Seat* option allows you to occupy multiple seats at the same table and make separate bets from each of the positions. Below an available seat, click Multi Seat to activate. To leave one of seats just click Leave Seat.

  • When you join a BlackJack table, you can choose to be a part of the table as a main player or, if the table is full, join the table as a watcher, or use the Bet Behind option to bet. Bet Behind allows you to participate in the game by taking a seat behind any of the main players and betting on that player's hand.
    To view the history for Bet Behind, see Game HistoryBet Behind hands are marked as such, with a corresponding position number.

    For more information about Bet Behind, please proceed to the Bet Behind rules page.

    * Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.



  • If a game round is in progress when you enter the table, please wait for the next one, and then, place your bets.

  • The time for placing the bets is limited. The timer in upper right corner of the game window shows how many seconds are left until the end of betting time of this game round.

  • Click on a chip of desired value to select it. Then click on the bet area on the Blackjack table to place your bet.

  • Every click adds a chip of the same value to your bet. Click a different chip to change the bet increase amount.

  • Shift+clicking on the bet area removes one chip from the bet.

  • You must confirm your bet. This can either be done manually, by clicking Confirm after each bet, or automatically at the end of betting time (Auto confirm bets must be enabled in the Settings). Please note, that when auto confirmation of bets is enabled the Confirm button does not appear.

  • Once a main bet has been placed, Side Bets can be placed. Move your cursor over the Blackjack table and click on either the Player's Pair, marked as PP on the game table, or the Dealer's Pair bet area to place your side bet.

  • Wait for your turn. Then use the HitStandDoubleSplit and Insurance buttons as necessary. If you do not make a selection, you automatically Stand.

    If you choose to Double, an amount matching your main bet is taken from your balance and your main bet is doubled.

  • Winnings are paid for the winning hands at the end of each game round.

  • To skip a turn, simply do not place any bets on the table.

  • All confirmed main bets are visible to all of the players at the game table. If you do not wish other players to see your main bet, go to Settings > Game Settings > Hide my Blackjack bets from other players.

  • If every player at the table busts (scores higher than 21), the round is over. The dealer's second card is not revealed and dealer does not draw additional cards.

Early Decision*

In order to minimize waiting time and ensure faster game pace, Early Decision buttons are displayed right after the first two cards are dealt. Using Early Decision icons, you can preselect an action. You can later change or cancel your selection. When your turn comes, your Early Decision is considered as your action of choice. If you did not use the Early Decision icons, then the usual, big action buttons appear in the middle of the screen and you are given time to make your move.
* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.


Multiple Bets

If the Multiple Bets option is supported, additional bets are accepted after your first bet has been placed and confirmed. Multiple bets are accepted only if the betting round is still open. Please note, that if auto confirmation of bets is disabled, you have to click Confirm after each additional bet.



Side bets*

A side bet is a wager you can make beyond your main game bet. You can bet that your own first two cards or the dealer's first two cards form a pair. The following is a description of the available side bets:

  • The Player's Pair side bet, marked as PP on the game table, wins if the first two Player cards form a Perfect PairColored Pair, or a Red/Black Pair.

  • The Dealer's Pair side bet wins if the first two Dealer cards form a Perfect PairColored Pair, or a Red/Black Pair.

  • The Perfect Pair side bet wins if the first two Player or Dealer cards form a pair of the same suit, for example a pair of 4 of Diamonds.

  • The Colored Pair side bet wins if the first two Player or Dealer cards form a pair of the same color but different suit, for example 4 of Diamonds and 4 of Hearts.

  • The Red/Black Pair side bet wins if the first two Player or Dealer cards form a pair, but with different colors and suits, for example 4 of Diamonds and 4 of Spades.

  • Both Player's Pair and Dealer's Pair side bets can be placed at the same time.

  • Side bets cannot be placed without placing a main bet.

* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.



21+3 Side Bet*

21+3 allows you to bet that the first two cards dealt to the Player, combined with the first card dealt to the Dealer, will make a three card poker hand against the following list of winning hands:

  • Suited three of a kind - All three cards of the same suit and value.

  • Straight Flush - All three in sequence and of the same suit.

  • Three of a kind - All three of the same ranking.

  • Straight - All three cards in sequence but not the same suit.

  • Flush - All three cards of the same suit.

* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.



Game UI

Chat - To use the Chat, enter your message into the text field at the bottom of the panel and click Send. Your message will appear along with the others in the Chat panel. Please note, that you cannot use the chat option if your balance is empty.

Mini Games* - Mini games are small versions of existing Casino games that are embedded into the Live games. You can play a mini game while playing a Live game.

Video Feed - If your table supports full window mode, click the video feed or the camera icon on the dashboard to switch from simple to full mode.
Game specific icons are displayed on the video feed. Hover over each icon to view the action tooltip (e.g. Change Camera View* and etc.).
If enabled by your service provider, you have an option to turn HQ (High Quality) mode for the video stream on and off. Click the HQ icon on the video feed to turn the High Quality mode on. The red indicator will turn green. Click HQ again to disable High Quality video streaming and go back to normal quality.

Timer - Displayed in the top right corner.

Game History - To the right of the video feed the history is displayed, containing the outcome of recent game rounds. Use the Earlier and Later arrows to view more result.

Roulette History Slider* - The slider shows history for two Live Roulette tables that exist on the site. Hover over the results and then click the bar, to switch to the table in question.

Game Limits - A panel on the game table displays the minimum and the maximum total bet amounts. Click the panel to view limits for all bet types. On some of the tables, you can change the limits, by choosing a different range from the drop-down menu, or from the Lobby. The changes apply starting from the next round.

Tip - In some countries you have the option to give a tip to the dealer. To give a tip, click a chip and then click the Tips panel on the table, same as placing a bet. Click Cancel to close the Tips panel.

Game Dashboard - The dashboard contains the chips and the game specific action buttons. You can hover over an action button to view a tooltip about this item. Dashboard also displays the current server time and the unique ID number of the current game round.
Note: The server time is set to GMT time zone.

Bottom Bar - Displays your current balance and the link to the Cashier. Also, if enabled by the service provider, country specific regulation icons are displayed on the bottom bar.

* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.



Place the same bet as in the previous round and confirm it.


Click to clear your bets from the table.


Click to confirm the bets that you placed on the table. If you do not confirm your bets, you skip this round. Please note, that if automatic confirmation of bets is enabled, the Confirm button is not displayed.


Double the bet, draw one card and stand.


Request one more card.


Split the hand you have and requests one more card, giving you two hands on a single position.


Draw no more cards and end your turn.


Protect your bet for the case if the dealer has a Blackjack.
If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose the insurance amount, even if you end up losing (see Rules for more information).

Return to Player

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 99.46% on the main game.
The RTP on the Side Bets (Player's Pair, marked as PP on the game table, and Dealer's Pair) is 95.90%.
The RTP on the 21+3 Side Bet is 96.30%.


Casino toolbar

The lower and upper edges of the game window hold the casino toolbars. These toolbars contain a number of menus and buttons that allow you to change client settings or take advantage of the various features available in the casino client.

The lower edge of the game window holds the casino toolbar. It contains the following:


Your current game balance. This is the money you can use to play the game.


Clicking this button opens the Cashier window, where you can make deposits and withdrawals, see your transaction history, etc.

The top toolbar contains the following:

Volume On/Off

Volume Adjust

Clicking this button will disable/enable sound effects.

Mouse over the sound icon to slide open the sound volume slider, where you can adjust the volume.


Mouse over this icon to open the Tools menu. The menu contains the following:

  • History - Opens the game history window, where you can see the details of recent game rounds. Note that the history is unavailable in Offline mode.
  • Options - Opens the options dialog, where you can change various gameplay settings. Click here to learn more about the options.
  • Help - Opens the help article that you are reading right now.
  • Online Support - Online Support lets you contact a customer support specialist, if one is online.

Clicking this button closes the game window.