Terms Glossary


This is the amount bet on a game. This also sometimes referred to as ‘handle’.

If you bet €10 on a game your total stake would be €10. The stake amount is not affected by any winnings or deposits.


Return to Player

This is the amount a player has been paid out.


If a player had staked €100 and had lost €0.90 he would have a return to player of €99.10.


Return to Player Percentage

Similar to the return to player amount, this is the percentage a player has been paid divided by his total stake.


If a player had staked €100 and had won €99.10, he would have a return to player percentage of 99.10%.

If a player staked €200 and won €198, he would have a return to player percentage of 99%.


‘Opt in’

This is when a player chooses to enter or sign up to a promotion. This is always free of charge and is essential if a player wants to participate in a promotion where opt in is required. Bonuses will not be paid to players who have not opted in when required to.


‘Buy in’

This is when a customer is required to commit funds to avail of a matched deposit/match bonus promotion. These funds are still available for the customer to use on the casino to convert the bonus into withdrawable funds, but it cannot be withdrawn unless the bonus is completed in full or cancelled before any wagering begins.


Bonus Funds/Chips

This is bonus cash that you receive as part of a promotional offer. In order to convert this into withdrawable cash you must fulfil the wagering requirement associated with the bonus funds/ chips.


A player had received €10 in bonus chips and this has a wager requirement of 10 in order to convert the bonus. This means a player would have to wager €100 in order to convert the bonus chips into withdrawable cash.


Sign Up Bonus

This is a bonus awarded to customers who come to Paddy Power Casino for the first time.


Bonus Expiration

Each bonus offered by the casino has an expiry date. This date varies per promotion and each promotions terms & conditions should be consulted. This means you must fully convert the bonus funds/chips awarded into cash in this time or the bonus plus any pending winnings accrued using the bonus will be removed from your account.


Eligible Games

This refers to games that are included in a particular promotion. Games that are included in promotions will be listed in the terms and conditions.


Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the total amount that has to be staked on eligible games to convert a bonus. Wagering requirements are based on the total stake amount; winnings and losses are not considered here.

Wagering requirements can be on the bonus amount and the deposit amount – please check individual promotional terms and conditions carefully.


If a player receives a €10 bonus with a wager requirement of 10. In order to convert the bonus funds/chips to real cash you would need to wager €10 x 10 = €100.


Game Weightings

Promotions/bonuses may contain game weightings. Depending on what games you play, this may alter the amount you have to stake in total to convert a bonus into withdrawable cash.


A player receives a €10 bonus with a 10 wager requirement on the bonus only. The eligible games are game A at 100% game weighting and game B at 20% game weighting. The total staking amount required to convert the bonus playing game A (100% weighting) would be €100 (€10 bonus x 10 WRs). If game B was the players preferred game choice, which counts at 20%, every €1 stake would count as €0.20 towards the wagering requirement. The player would have to wager a total of €500 on to fully convert the bonus.



Each game available at the casino has a volatility rating assigned to it. A slot game would have a higher volatility than a blackjack or roulette game.

Volatility can be summarised as follows:

A lower volatility game will have smaller payouts at higher frequencies A higher volatility casino game will have larger payouts at lower frequencies.