Slot Tips And Strategy

We will guide you through all aspects of wagering on slots with some tips on how to get the maximum value and enjoy your leisure time with us at Paddy Power Casino. Slots can provide the biggest thrills in a casino with amazing graphics, themes, bonus rounds and massive jackpots.




We recommend you choose your slot or a couple of slots to start with and then take the time to fully understand the way it works - the pay table, the bonus rounds, the gamble feature, does it have a jackpot? All the answers to these questions are contained in the games pages on this site. Simply click on the "more information" link available on each game to find out more.


Know your game

  • Play max credits: If you only play a single credit, you will win a minimal amount, no matter how good a combination of symbols you hit. If you play max credits you dramatically increase your potential payout. Playing max credits can also increase your chances of triggering Progressive Jackpot wins.

  • Understand pay lines: Sometimes it's not enough just to play 'max credits'. Most slot games are multi-line as well as multi-reel. This means that even if you select 'max credits' when betting you may only win if you hit the magic symbol selection on 1 line. Choosing 'max lines' will ensure that if a winning combination appears no matter which line it appears on that you will reap the rewards. The more lines you bet, the higher the chance of winning but the higher the cost per spin. Finding the right balance for you is a skill, have you got it?!

  • Understand the bonus rounds: Over 30 of our slot games have bonus rounds. These range from free spins to double bonus awards and can involve selecting which tank you want Hulk to destroy to helping Frankie Dettori round the racetrack! Take some time to study the bonus rounds as these are crucial ways to win in a game. Playing these in a smart way can significantly increase your win potential. A bonus round can be great and can see a player multiply their bonus by up to X50 but be careful, losing the bonus round in some slot games can mean that you lose your entire winnings and not just the bonus multiplier.

  • Know the Rules: Read the pay table and all instructions that accompany your chosen slot game. If you don't understand everything correctly, contact our support team. It is your responsibility to know the rules concerning the number of credits or lines needed to play in order to collect maximum payout. Should you line up the jackpot symbols without having met the requirements, you won't get the payout that you had been dreaming of!


Know your limits

  • Again, understanding your denomination can assist in what you want to wager. Decide on the amount wish to wager on each spin and choose your denomination accordingly. Remember the max bet!

  • Money Management is important and something we recommend. Set a loss limit on your bankroll for defined periods like a week or month plus one for each individual playing session. Divide your gambling money into playing sessions, discipline yourself and stick to your promise. Stop playing once you've reached a pre-determined limit. For example; if you allotted £50 for a session, stop playing when you've either doubled your money or lost it all. Don't get caught up in the "I need to win my money back" mentality

  • Do not become a zombie!! A 'zombie' is an industry term for a slots player who sits in front of their pc in a trance and mindlessly wagers more and more money. If you feel yourself teetering on the edge of zombie-like tendancies, it's a good idea to get up, walk around, take a break or change to another game. Staying with the same game, especially if you feel you are out of luck, can be frustrating and lead to big losses. Move around or take breaks, but never become a zombie.


Questions and Answers

Many of our loyal slot players have asked us questions in the past to help them in their quest for the jackpot bonus or even just advice on trying to maximise their winnings.

  • Players Question: Once a slot game pays out a big amount, should I quit playing because it won't pay out again for a long time?

  • Answer: NO. Slots have no memory, they do not keep track of what has happened previously. All outcomes are generated by a RNG ( Random Number Generator). Results are totally random (independently audited and verified), there could be two jackpots in short order and then none for a very long time.

  • Players Question: I have only a limited amount of money to spend, is it wiser to play 20p/cent slots, 1 credit at a time or would it be wiser to play the MAX on one game even if you seem to be losing it faster?

  • Answer: What you should do depends on your priorities. If you want playing longevity then you should play as little as possible per spin. If you are seeking to take advantage of all the games features and win potential then you should play as much as possible per spin. The maximum payout can only be reached when you play maximum credits and maximum pay lines for a particular denomination.

  • Players Question: What is the difference between 5 and 3 reel slots... which should I play?

  • Answer: 5 reel slots are for the real fans of online slots. A regular classic slot machine only has 3 reels. The 5 reels slots has from 5 and up to 243 pay-lines. Again it is personal choice, however you are more potential to win big on the higher reel slot games as you can select a greater number of pay lines.

  • Players Question: I am here to win and win big, should I concentrate on table games or slots?
  • Answer: Those who play slots do so for a number of reasons, entertainment value, easy to understand, however one reason stands out... no other game in a casino gives you the opportunity to turn one small bet into a life-altering win, and slots can!